Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The CHAMPION Penny Stock Viropro Inc.(VPRO.PK)

The CHAMPION Penny Stock for Wednesday, January 05 is…

Viropro Inc.(VPRO.PK)
  • Last Trade: $0.14
  • Price changed: $0.14
  • Percentage Gain: +2,700%
  • Last Close: $0.01
  • Volume: 62,767,688
  • Dollar Volume: $8,787,476
Congrats to top stock pickers: Frank’s Penny Stocks, Friedman Report.

You are the King of the Stock Pickers today!

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About Viropro Inc.(VPRO.PK)

Viropro, Inc., a development stage company, operates in the pharmaceutical sector specializing in the sale of technological transfers for biopharmaceutical generic drugs in emerging markets in South America, northern Africa, and Asia. The company focuses on developing and out-licensing manufacturing processes for biogenerics already in the public domain as soon as patent protection expires for various biopharmaceuticals. It also has licenses to patented technologies related to the production of therapeutic proteins, such as alpha interferon, Interleukin 2, erythropoietin, and human growth factors, including rHuG-CSF and rHuGM-CSF. Viropro, Inc. has a strategic alliance with Biotechnology Research Institute of the National Research Council (Canada) to access equipment and facilities for bio-process innovation and purification process development. It also has a partnership with Intas Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. for the development and production of a therapeutic protein. The company is based in Montreal, Canada.

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